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Monday, July 21, 2003

The death of Dr. D. Kelly, an advisor in the British Ministry of Defense (MoD) was indeed a sad story; and I think as his family put it all those involved have to think hard and reflect on this.

However apart from this, the media reports and the hype around his death in large put the blame on the BBC and MoD. These reports in my opinion fail to also mention Dr. Kelly’s involvement in the case. I know it is difficult to write about somebody who is dead and can not defend himself in person, but it just strikes me that he has been taken out of the picture.

I do not want to pre-judge about his death; that is for the fact finding team to conclude; but I want to say that as a member of the MoD he had some commitments to the ministry i.e. the so called conflict of interest.

My point is simply this: was he right in meeting with a journalist without the knowledge of his line mangers?

This argument of mine is regardless of the argument if the British government’s reports preparing the public for a war on Iraq was right, wrong or “sexed up�.

Yes, as a scientist Dr. Kelly was concerned, but after all like many of us he was working for an organization to which he had some duty. He could have resigned in protest and then reveal whatever he thought it was heavy on his mind.

Having said all this, the large part of the blame is still on the BBC and the MoD and other people involved in the story not Dr. Kelly.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

And then,

I do not intend to write everyday. I hope you may excuse me on this. My intention is to use this space to expose my thoughts and share them with you. Hope this will help me in my thoughts.

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